Global SEO

Global SEO means optimizing your content for a multitude of regions worldwide. You’ll need to create content that works for different regions and language, as well as optimize that content for each region’s search engine results pages.

What is international SEO?

International SEO is the process of optimizing your website so that search engines can easily identify which countries you want to target and which languages you use for business.

Why Choose M BABACAN IT for International SEO ?

Support & Experience
Support & Experience

→ International/local keyword research methodology for identifying optimal keywords per country/region

→ Deep International Localization & Intra-Organizational Domain Technical Knowledge

→ Network of International contractors for translation and copywriting services

→ In-house native English (UK, US, AU, CA, NZ, RSA), and native Serbian translation (RS, ME, HR, BA), and Turkish language (TR, KKTC, AZ) experience

Global Strategy & Tactics
Global Strategy & Tactics

Global strategy is essential since it directly ties into your regional strategy. If implemented incorrectly, this can cause international content conflicts, reducing efficiency and performance potential for individual regions, and the overall company. Services provided include:

→ IA/Hierarchy/Taxonomy Strategy & Management

→ Global Keyword Research & Content Theme Strategy

→ Progress reviews, continual opportunity identification, and prioritization

→ Technical Management (such as sitemap implementation with HREFLANG tags)

→ International Targeting


We help you establish a Center of Excellence to manage governance, centralize resources, create standards, ensure SEO is part of the editorial process, disseminate strategies and tactics for Global and regional markets, and train content creators to better understand how to implement SEO recommendations.

Regional Strategy & Tactics
Regional Strategy & Tactics

Transparency between regions is needed in order to create effective regional strategies and tactics that can roll up to the global SEO strategy. We help:

→ Conduct Regional Keyword Research & develop your Content Theme Strategy (per region/language)

→ Analyze user scenarios and provide strategy to determine the use of auto-redirects (based on location, browser settings, etc), automated location/language notices, and manual user location/language settings.

→ Nullify duplicate content and canonicals within each region, between similar language regions, and globally

→ Content Audits & Optimization

→ Content Strategy

→ Content Marketing

→ Technical mobile SEO management

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